JDL Strategies Weighs In On The Importance Of A Wealth Building Advisor To Your Financial Success

By Jamie Gonzalez – Researched from propertymarketers.com.au

Financial SuccessWhat’s your financial strategy? For the average individual, this might mean a savings account, extra funds reserved for superannuation, and getting another job to augment income. For the more ambitious individual, this might also come with investment options that are fairly easy to manage, like property. If you’ve only been doing one of these things, or if you haven’t actually done any of these things, then it’s high time you did — because time’s a-wastin’.

You should start by talking about it. According to Australia’s premier wealth management firm, JDL Strategies, people who never talk about becoming wealthy are setting themselves up to fail financially. Talking about money, about plans for retirement, and the like, may sound awkward and embarrassing for families. The result is, says JDL, a life of chasing income and a cycle of getting a job, paying off the house, and competing to get a raise to increase your income. While there’s nothing wrong with that, JDL believes that your money should have a direction so that you can accumulate assets that can turn you into a millionaire (or multi-millionaire) by the time you retire.

And who better to help you give direction to your money than an expert wealth building advisor? A wealth building advisor can examine your current finances, your cash flow, and determine a financial planning strategy that will work for you. You may be able to read up on financial planning through books and credible online resources but there is still no substitute for the expertise and extensive experience of an actual wealth building advisor.

You gain valuable insight into your own finances and, in the process, achieve skills that will help you make those all-important decisions about where your money goes. A wealth building advisor may also have relevant knowledge in tax, insurance, and other legal matters that will help you protect the assets you accumulate. With proper asset protection, you minimise potential loss and,consequently, maximise your wealth.

JDL’s own wealth building formula includes seven critical principles, which begin with the concept of “you” paying “yourself” first. JDL, which has helped over 700 Australians reach their million to multi-million dollar goals, states that you might be amazed at how quickly your funds can grow when you put yourself down as the most important bill you’ll have, and you can then use this sizeable amount as the foundation for building your nest egg. After this, you’re going to need someone to look after your nest egg so that it works for you and you create the kind of wealth you want to achieve.

What little money you have today has the potential to grow into a considerable fund for your future. Aside from gaining the kind of knowledge you’ll need where financial planning is concerned, you’ll need the expertise and experience of a wealth building advisor. Ask one of JDL’s experts. And start your journey to financial success today.

JDL Strategies Lists Rule-Breaking Wealth Creation Principles

Professional Financial ConsultantSome of the most prominent self-made millionaires in the world often declare that it was their rebellious streak that lead them to be what they are today. It was their unique vision, their bold spirit and their ability to break – and change – the rules that paved the way to their astounding success, they say. While there are still a lot of people who achieved success by cautiously following what they have been taught to do, it was those who stepped out of their comfort zones and challenged existing common beliefs that really made it big. For these game-changers, wealth creation is not just about saving and growing money, it was about going beyond their limitations for the greater good.

Financial consultants at JDL Strategies know all about this rule-breaking paradigm from their work with their multi-million dollar investor-clients. They have observed how the most successful people are those who are willing to change their mindset and be open to new learning, advice and strategies that are more relevant to and aligned with today’s financial and economic landscape.

Some of the top wealth creation principles that may break your worldview but build your riches include the following:

Saving up for the rainy day is not, and will never be, enoughanymore. In the past, people have been taught to save a certain portion of their salaries every payday. Faithfully following this practice will already make them feel secure for the future and in case of emergencies. However, it has now been proven that completely relying on your monthly salary may not be the best thing to do; it may even be harmful in some cases as the recent recession revealed. To save smartly for your family’s future, you need to make the right investments that may seem bold and aggressive but will provide huge returns in the long run.

In debt? Invest. It would seem commonsensical to simply stop spending your money if you still have debts to pay. Financial consultants, however, say that with the right strategy, you should be investing while you are managing your current loans. The returns you get from your property investment can settle your payables until you have significantly minimised, if not completely eliminated your debts.

Want to save? Spend. When you want to save up for the future, the last thing you may want to do is spend more money. However, experts say that the opposite may just help you build your personal wealth fast. Spend some money smartly by investing in the services of a professional financial consultant. The value you get from expert advice can make their professional fees more than worth it.

JDL Strategies Shares The Most Important Aspect To Retirement Planning

Financial PlanningYou work all your life and put away what you can so that when the time comes to finally stop working, you’ll still have some income. This income can be drawn from your pension, your savings, your superannuation, and maybe from a few investments you’ve been fortunate enough to make. The amount of your retirement fund will depend on your efforts to make those contributions and, for many financial experts, your keen ability to make investments so that the fund grows.

But for one wealth management firm, there is another critical factor to your retirement and how you can significantly improve the future of your finances. JDL Strategies, a privately held company that has assisted over 700 Australians to realise their goals of becoming millionaires (and multi-millionaires, for some), believes that your money should be working for you — and that especially includes your retirement fund.

In fact, JDL includes retirement planning as an essential element to financial planning, which happens to be one of the critical principles to building wealth. If you’ve got your retirement arranged and the fund reserved for it continues to grow, and therefore, work for you, you can expect to build your wealth consistently over the years. But how do you increase your existing retirement fund?

According to JDL, aside from choosing investment options that are within your comfort level (i.e., people with less retirement years usually prefer low risk investments whilst those with more time have more opportunities to go with higher risk options like growth funds, which tend to offer higher returns), Australians planning for retirement need to consider appropriate tax shelters. The goal is to minimise paying prohibitively high tax bills, particularly for properties. And with the applicable tax shelters, JDL says that both your retirement and death benefits can be tax-free.

Indeed, what is the point of growing your portfolio and increasing your retirement fund if a huge chunk will only be paid out to taxes? Those who foresee a higher tax burden and have above average assets are advised to get the expertise of wealth management experts who can work on decreasing exposure to risk as the portfolio grows. JDL believes that the bigger your portfolio gets, the more unmanageable it becomes. So before it does, make sure you get expert advice and have strategies in place — and protect the future of your retirement.

JDL aims to raise the financial intelligence of the country with its team of specialists that can generate the best outcome for your financial goals and its effective wealth management strategies. Having helped more than 700 Australians achieve their million-dollar goals (500 millionaires and over 200 multi-millionaires) and with 50 percent of its staff as clients, the future of your retirement will be in good hands with JDL.

About the author: Alicia Garcia gained a lot of wisdom regarding growing her portfolio and increasing her retirement fund from JDL Strategies. She highly recommend checking out propertymarketers.com.au to gain more knowledge about this.